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Introduction of The Boxx'r

The Boxx'r is a trendy dispenser which cools your wine at the preferred temperature: 10 °C for white & rosé wine and 16,5 °C for red. An unique thermoelectric cooling system of very tasteful, modern design: the latest gadget to have for true wine lovers with style.

Bag-in-box wine has many advantages, handy, cheap, easy to stack. Unfortunately, bag-in-box wines look quite low-cost, and to some even a bit distasteful. Even though the best wine might be poured, it always seems cheaper than it was. Also, often the wine is less tasteful than its potential, due to drinking at the wrong serving temperature. What a waste!

The Boxx'r - Boxed Wine Cooler

Powerful design

The Boxx'r is made to hold all standard 3 litres (or less) Bag-in-Box packaging. Powered with an internal power supply, it can be connected to the normal mains (230/110 volt), cooling your wine significantly faster than a regular refrigerator. For your outdoor wine moments, you can connect The Boxx'r to a 12 volt power supply with the use of the included standard 12V connector. This means you can power The Boxx'r in your boat, caravan or even in your car. After removing the power source from The Boxx'r it will cool the contents (wine) for a considerable time due to the isolating working of The Boxx'r.

Right serving temperature

The Boxx'r has two pre-set temperature settings: one for white and rosé wine which is set at 10 ˚C and one for red wine which will chill the wine to around 16,5 ˚C.

The temperature at which a wine is served is just as important as the accompanying snacks. Still temperature doesn’t get the credits or attention it should. As opposed to what many people assume: red wine should not be served at room temperature as we know it. The Boxx'r comes close to cellar temperature of 13 ˚C which is perfect for storing wine and prevents the wine from loosing character.

The Boxx'r - Boxed Wine Cooler

Clever design

Not only is The Boxx'r a stylish answer to your baggy bag-in-box moments. It is also very clever. The design makes it unnecessary to place the bag-in-box on the table-end to get access to the tap, as it can be places on an adaptable stand. Also, it won’t be necessary anymore to strain yourself holding the box in an angle just to pour the last drop out. The Boxx'r cooling device is already shaped in an angle, transporting the last drop to the tap all by itself.

Perfect for horeca establishments

The Boxx'r is also excellent for use in restaurants and bars. For example one can serve house wines by the glass perfectly chilled from the dispenser. Not only does it save the owners money by serving (cheaper) boxed wines it also saves storage space and reduces waste (no empty bottles to dispose of), it also saves the staff time serving a glass of wine as one does not need to open (and close) a bottle, but just tap a glass of wine directly from The Boxx'r.