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Master Sommelier Alpana Singh view on Boxed wines

On the item Ask Alpana showed on Chicago Tonight Master Sommelier Alpana Singh gives her view on the quality of boxed wines today in the US.

Master Sommelier Alpana Singh on Ask Alpana

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The Boxx'r video

Are you wondering how The Boxx'r works? Have a look at the video made by our Swedish distributor. Here you can see how to install and use this unique cooler for boxed wines. Swedish spoken with English subtitles. ...

How Long is Boxed Wine Good?

How long does boxed wine last? One of the huge advantages of boxed wine is that it lasts for a month or even more after being opened. This makes it very practical for glass-a-day drinkers who would find storing partially opened bottle wine problematic ...

The best South African boxed wines

For the second year in row 'Spit or Swallow' hosted the annual Box Wine Awards in Cape Town. This year 39 different boxed wines entered the blind test and over 8+ judges gave each wine a score between 1 and 10. The winners of the Box Wine Awards 2011 a...

Top 10 Boxed Wines 2011 available in the US

The Ausin Cronicle did their second Great Boxed-Wine Challenge. Below are the results Jack Tone Vineyards Red Wine 17.2 Big House Unchained Naked Chardonnay 16.6 Patch Block Merlot 16.3 Jack Tone Vineyards White Wine 15.7 FishEye Shiraz 14.3 Bota B...

The resurgence of boxed wine

Sales of boxed wine are higher than ever, partly due to its lower price compared to bottled wine. But can consumers taste the difference? Taryn Winter Brill reports.