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Boxed Wine Cooler

The 'cool' Bag-in-Box Cooler

  • Chills your White or Rosé wines to a servingtemperature of 10˚C

  • The Boxx'r chills the 1st glass of wine in after approx. 15 minutes!

  • Connect the Boxx'r to 110/230V mains to chill your wines at Home

  • Chills your Red Wines to a servingtemperature of 16˚C

  • Chill your wines on a Boat using the 12V cable

  • The Boxx'r has a very fast, quiet & low energy consuming cooling system

  • With the 12V connector you can chill your wines while out camping

  • Perfect to chill your wines in a bar or restaurant for sales of Wine-by-Glass

  • The Boxx'r chills the whole box to 10˚C in approx. 3 hours

The Boxx'r - The 'cool' Bag-in-Box Cooler

Since the Bag-in-Box packaging was introduced onto the market, more and more wineries are also beginning to package their finer wines in Bag-in-Box. This puts new requirements on both the appearance of the packaging and that the boxed wine is served at the correct temperature.

Now we present a solution for all wine enthusiasts: The Boxx'r – an unique wine cooler which will chill your boxed wine to the correct serving temperature. It has 2 pre-set settings: white and rosé wines 10 °C and red wine 16.5 °C.

The Boxx'r can be connected to the normal mains (230V alt. 110V), but can also be connected to a 12V power supply so one also can use the cooler in boats or caravans. It is very silent and fits all three-litre (or less) Bag-in-Box packaging.

For sale: rights to produce this unique bag-in-box cooler

Unfortunately we have stopped producing The Boxx'r and the intellectual property rights and technical documents for this product are for sale.

We do not have any coolers left to sell to individual customers.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested.